Wednesday, May 22, 2024
This OUTREACH is directed toward those that have an ongoing illness or other situation that is severe enough to warrent attention by as many as possible.  A printed list of the involved individuals is included in the 'weekly service' bulletin.  Since CANCER is such a devastating illness, a column is dedicated to that condition.  The remainder of the list is for other Special Needs.  Only CANCER is identified as to the reason for being on the list.
The purpose of the list is to allow all of us to know of those that need special prayer.  Regardless, if your prayer is for; an individual, a group of individuals or the entire list, GOD will hear you.  We understand that GOD knows of all situations and will deal with each on his schedule, not ours, but showing our concern via prayer is reinforcing to him that we care.  The louder we speak the easier we can be heard.
If you wish to place someone on the PRAYER LIST or your prayers have been answered and you feel you no longer need to be on the list, contact Marilyn Ferry  so she can make the addition/correction.
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