Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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HELPING HAND: If you need help or would like to help MUMC in any way,  start with this page.
LAY LEADER MESSAGE: This message reflects how Jesus can affect your life.
OUTREACH MISSIONS: This page contains a description of "Missions" that MUMC has undertaken and announcements of "Missions" being considered.
NEWSLETTER: This page will allow you to view copies of the monthly "DOVE" newsletter.
OFFICERS: This page lists the Officers for the current year and Committee Chairpersons/Members.
READER-GREETER: This page lists the Reader and Greeters (are also Ushers), by week, for the current year.
SPECIAL EVENTS: This page provides a description and date/time/location of upcoming Scheduled Special Events.
WEEKLY EVENTS: This page contains a list of activities that occur on the same day & time each week.
The CALENDAR contains a list of all activities of MUMC by date/time.